Agent Klutz


Agent Klutz is a comedy spy-thriller action-rhythm game.
You play as Agent K, the worst, clumsiest, most incompetent secret agent of all time.
As K, every move you make needs to be in sync with the soundtrack, or you’ll trip over your own feet and fall on your face.

– Shoot everyone on sight, ask questions later.
– Be a graceless kleptomaniac (steal as much as possible wherever you go).
– Hack security lasers and cameras (with your gun).
– Disarm nuclear bombs (with your gun).
– Do train heists.
– Kidnap CEOs.
– (Allegedly) cause World War III.


Selected Articles

“This sneaking to the beat has an addictive quality to it. The music pairs with the action quite well […] what is here fits the game like a glove”
— Gamer Heroes

“The soundtrack, which I’m still humming as I write this, makes stealthing so much fun and stimulating”
— Rubber Chicken

“Mechanically speaking, the minimalism of its gameplay and level design deserves praise”
— Glitch Effect

“Agent Klutz is, in and of itself, commendable for its strong sense of personality and funny dialogue”
— Meus Jogos

“The soundtrack entrenched itself in my mind”
— Squared Potato

“There’s no better feeling than killing enemies to a beat with a silenced weapon”
— Pixel Glitch


Not a Game Studio
R. Ilha Terceira 16 1o, 1000-172, Lisbon, Portugal

Isaque Sanches – Game Design, Production
João Figueira – Additional Game Design, Programming, Visuals
Miguel Cintra – Music
Catarina Lopes – Additional Programing
Guilherme Leal – Audio Consultancy