CLT is an art-house tarot card game about the idea of female sexuality.

Its gameplay is centered on a tarot deck of 24 rorschach-esque cards.
Every card’s design was hand-painted. The cards are linked to each other, and function like a maze of interconnected memories.
The goal is reaching a non-existent 25th card, which symbolizes reaching a sexual climax, thereby ending the level.

The game is intended to be non-erotic. The Rorschach motif is not a coincidence: like its trailer (which contains no explicit sexual content) the game contains nothing but abstract imagery and soundscapes.
It also contains no actual readable text (formally, that is). This was done as a protest against the idea that games are meant to be nothing more than infantilized escapism: any distribution platform that chooses to censor the game because of its adult content does so in bad faith, as it doesn’t really exist outside of the eye of the beholder.


Selected Articles

“It really wasn’t until a few stages in that I started understanding the structure. By that point I was already fully invested in the narrative experience.”
— Defunct Games

“A very strange, minimally-interactive experience that might be best recommended to those interested in the weirder, more experimental side of gaming.”
— Game Critics

“The fun lies precisely [in the] fact that we have to understand without feeling “fed” by an external narrator. […] Stylistically and narratively we are faced with a very interesting product that deserves to be played”
— Pledge Times

“CLT is an all-around original product […] suggestive but classy, inspired by art, music, philosophy: a real orgasm of a videogame.”
— Game Legends

“CLT is, in its very essence, an experimental game, both in its content and its presentation. [notagamestudio] decided to match multiple concepts (tarot cards, Rorschach and sex) in a very unique and usual way […] A new kind of narrative experience that could be exactly what you’re looking for.”
— Moshbit Gaming

“CLT is an original product that tries to offer players a very singluar and unique videogame experience about sexuality […] I recommend that you play it, especially since you won’t find another experience like this one.”
— Combo Caster

“CTL is a challenging game, but won’t be for everyone’s taste. All in all, it’s still a successful and very well executed high concept […]”
— Caixa Nerd


Release Date:
Oct 2021


“anacatte” – Programming, Additional Visuals
“aasci” – Text
“blipperactive” – Audio
“bonefire dance” – Additional Visuals
“l1x1v1a” – Additional Programming, Level Design
“laulauleuleuliu” – Visuals

Not a Game Studio
R. Ilha Terceira 16 1o, 1000-172, Lisbon, Portugal