Uranus is a kaleidoscopic audiovisual playscape. It features procedural audio (input-based music) and visuals (systemic color scheme) and was designed to be experienced not only through play, but also live group viewings as a spectator.

— The rules are deceptively simple:To win, you need to explode
— To explode, you need to close your eye
— To close your eye, you need to move
— If you cross your opponent’s trail, your eye opens


Selected Articles

“This is game [is about] sensation, rather than competitiveness, thanks its bold and glittering visuals (…) It’ll surprise you with its fervor, almost like an hallucination.”
— Eurogamer

“Uranus is a colorful, seizure-inducing experience where you are racing to your death inside the head of an angel. Yeah. You read that correctly. […] [It’s a] complex and challenging multiplayer game.”
— Nintendo Link

“This strobing, hyperactive, neon meltdown [is] an abstract competitive action game, playable against CPU but better with a friend. […] It’s intense and frenetic, and quite hard to discern effective strategies, but it works.”
— Nintendo Life

“I admire notagamestudio’s Uranus, a psychedelic game that requires quick reflexes […] has excellent art and style […] is fast, frantic, and when played against another human, is fun.”
— Echo Boomer

“Uranus, I would say, is a “visual explosion”. It’s a game of cat and mouse, where both players are mice and cats at the same time. […] The game can also be played in single player […] but with another player it becomes much more fun.”
— Salão de Jogos

“When playing Uranus […] it’s clear [notagamestudio] is passionate about crafting experimental experiences that stay with you long after you play them.”
— Magazine HD

“Simple but fascinating […] with its abstract, flashy graphic it’s quite a unique experience”
— Weird Games For Your Pleasure


PC, Nintendo Switch

Awards and Nominations:
Playstation Talents— Best Game Nominee – 2017
Playstation Awards — Choice of the Press Nominee – 2017
Playstation Awards — Most Innovative Game Nominee – 2017
Indie Dome — Official Selection – 2016

Release Date:
Dec 2020

Catarina Lopes – Technical Art, Programming, Illustration, Animation
Isaque Sanches – Production, Game Design, Additional Programming
Miguel Cintra – Sound Design, Music

Not a Game Studio
R. Ilha Terceira 16 1o, 1000-172, Lisbon, Portugal